Portfolio & Innovation

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Bayer offers a unique and comprehensive portfolio of products within most of the currently recognised vector control intervention methods.  We are conscious of the importance of Integrated Vector Management and therefore are committed to providing a range of alternative, novel solutions which serve the needs of the vector control community. 

Our product development takes a holistic approach – taking into consideration the important elements of performance; cost-effectiveness; packaging waste-disposal and transportation. Our aim is to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness and impact for disease-control programs. 

Our vector-control solutions include: 

Ficam® and K-Othrine® for indoor residual spraying; Aqua Reslin® and Aqua K-Othrine® for space-spraying, and the larvicidesBarcelo® and Starycide®.

We also have active development projects across the fields of IRS, space-spraying and larvicides. In October 2015, we submitted a new product dossier to the WHO Pesticides Evaluation Schemefor evaluation. This product, Fludora Fusion, is the first two-way mixture for IRS and contains two unrelated insecticide modes of action, including a new one for malaria vector control.