Quick Bayt

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Professional Pest Management

Quick Bayt

Product Overview

Quick Bayt is recommended for the control of house flies outdoor as “paint-on” application.


Fast in action, Less is more, minimal pesticide load in the environment. Good solution to control flies around your house and commercial premises.



  • Bait has attractive colour
  • Enticing aroma for flies
  • Target specific
  • Fast in action

Product Description


Quick Bayt is diluted in small amount of water to form a thick paste. This paint like solution is applied with the help of paint brush in the form of strips on the surfaces where flies are known to rest or move around. The attractive colour of the product, coupled with enticing aroma compels the flies to feed on it.


Once the fly feed on the liquid content, the small amount of pesticide (0.5%) present in it is ingested and the fly gets knocked down within few minutes. Thus, a small amount of formulation applied in discreet corner would control the house flies over a large area without the requirement of covering/ spraying over entire affected area.

Use & Safety

Where to use

Commercial building Food handling Food factories Food preparation

What to control

Application rates and delivery

Safety Instructions:

  • Do not apply in areas accessible to children.
  • Do not allow contact with food, feed or feed packaging.
  • Do not directly apply on animals

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