Temprid SC


Temprid SC

Product Overview

Temprid is a combination product suitable as residual spray for the control of American cockroaches and German cockroaches. These cockroaches are commonly found in food handling/ processing areas of household and commercial premises.


 Temprid contains two active ingredients which work in a synergistic way to effectively control cockroaches


Key Product Benefits:

  • Dual active substance with synergistic action and unsurpassed performance
  • Odourless formulation with broad spectrum activity
  • Useful for indoor and outdoor application
  • Restores efficacy in resistant insects
  • Low dose rate therefore cost effective

Product Description

Use & Safety

Where to use

Food handling

Application rates and delivery

  • Keep away from foodstuffs and surfaces which come in direct contact with the food.
  • Discard any food stuff accidentally contaminated with the product
  • Avoid application in or on surfaces that frequently come in direct contact with human beings or pets.
  • Do not smoke, eat and drink while handling product.

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