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Responsar SC


Responsar SC

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Product Overview

Responsar contains beta cyfluthrin 2.45% SC and is useful for control of insect pests like houseflies, cockroaches and mosquitoes in houses. It has a broad spectrum activity and used for control of insect pests in household and commercial premises.

Key Product Benefits:

  • One solution for household pests of everyday situation
  • Better residual performance on variety of surfaces
  • No organic solvents hence very low odour


Dose rate:

  • Dilute 20 ml of Responsar in 1L of water and spray the solution uniformly over 20 sq. mt of porous surfaces and 40 of non-porous surfaces.


Pack size: 1L


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Use & Safety

Where to use

Indoor Commercial building Food factories

Application rates and delivery

  • Do not touch or inhale the contents.
  • While handling the contents, use rubber gloves and face mask.
  • If symptoms of poisoning occur call physician immediately.

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