Bayer solutions for professional pest management

Environmental Science unit of Bayer is world’s leading organization which offers a wide range of safe and effective household and public health pest management solutions.  Bayer offer products which are rigorously tested for years, certified by HACCP, RC & CIB, and Evaluated by WHOPES. Bayer is a 150+ year strong organization known for its highly advance and innovative solutions. Bayer innovative products are safe to use under different situation like commercial, residential, industrial etc. & are highly effective against the target household /public health pest. Our products are made to manage disease spreading & nuisance creating pest like Cockroach, Mosquito, Flies, Termite, Ants, Rodent, etc..  Our products are endorsed by HACCP for use in food handling areas. Bayer is also forefront in offering various online & offline training in pest management very offenly to support pest management profession to succeed in their business. Bayer offer 360% holistic solution under its 4 pillar programme of Pest Management Program i.e. Expertise, Solutions, Sustainable & Partnership

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