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Pest Expert 360° - an app for Pest Control Operators (PCOs) in India!

The app provides a range of features to PCOs to boost their domain expertise, and offer top class service to their customers.

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Pest Expert 360° is an app developed for Pest Control Operators (PCO) in India by Bayer Environmental Science (Bayer ES). The app provides a range of features to PCOs to boost their domain expertise and offer top class service to the customers.

 Pest Expert 360°

Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Loyalty program for PCOs: View latest schemes from Bayer ES, view your purchase history, get access to your LEAP points, redeem rewards against points, and view your all India rank based on your loyalty points


  • Newsfeed: Post your pest queries, experiences, pest photos and best practices to share with entire PCO community in India. Get advices from our experts, obtain personalized solution, get ready to learn and grow your business. You can also like and share posts of your fellow PCOs on the app.


  • Product information: Find all the necessary products to effectively control any pest and be informed about the new products, including but not limited to active ingredient, target pest, dose rate, benefits, downloads, etc.


  • Pest info: Get the right info everywhere you go to learn more about pest’s species: Description, size, characteristics, lifecycle and more. Some common pests like ants, cockroaches, bed bugs termites and rodents will have no secret for you now. Check our product recommendations to treat professionally with the best solutions on the market.


  • Upskill with Bayer: Access all training material, videos, documents, presentations, developed by Bayer technical experts, at a single tap.


  • Dosage calculator: Avoid waste of products and apply the right amount with our new advanced calculator. Easy to use tool to make accurate application of Bayer products depending on the pest, infestation, and the surface area.


  • Store locator: Looking for the closest distributor in your area to buy your favorite products, have a look in store locator section. Find original Bayer products from our official distributors and partners.


  • Downloads: Find all product brochures and MSDS of your favorites products on your phone to ensure the right use of the product during pest control treatment.


  • Quizzes, surveys, polls and lots more


So now, download the app, and get 360° solution to all your pest problems.

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