Bayer Network

Bayer Network was launched in 2011, currently there are more than 60 Pest Management Professionals (PMP) in the program. BNW is designed to help PMPs manage, develop and grow their business

Bayer Network:

Bayer Network program is an engagement tool conceptualized for supporting Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) in their endeavor to increase the turnover and improve profitability by leveraging the equity of Brand Bayer. Under the engagement, Bayer empowers the PMPs with all tools that will help them achieve this objective. Bayer Network program closely engage with the PMPs to support them in improving their staff talent, motivation, acquire new accounts, improve profitability and generate greater customer loyalty.

Below is the brief list of elements covered under the program.

Communication Tools:

Bayer empower the PMPs with a complete set of communication tools which includes ‘Presentations’, Detailers, Product Safety Cards and Product Efficacy films

Promotion Tools:

Bayer engages directly with the PMPs in commercial accounts for Joint Pitching. Every PMP is provided with collateral support helping them carry out promotions in market place using customized designs of collaterals designed by Bayer and printed by PMP.

Bayer Brand Connect:

Bayer support the PMPs to create a stronger brand connect in the market place by maximizing brand visibility across the value chain through office branding, uniform branding, stationery branding, equipment branding and phone dialler tones specially made for Bayer Network


Bayer Network PMP can earn them a chance to get exposed to global trends by going on an incentive training and tour with Bayer after completion of business cycle.

Advertising and marketing support:

Regular exposure by means of advertising in newspaper and other media help the PMP to earn consumer trust.

Audit report:

Bayer Network program also provide professional guidance to the PMP partners to improve their efficiency and profitability through an exclusive report generated by a reputed external audit company once a year.